Thursday, November 29, 2012


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. We are in the midst of our first big snowstorm. It started snowing last night and hasn't stopped. Sure glad to have my new winter boots as they came in handy walking to and from the office today.

We are starting to see signs of Christmas. Besides the snow, we've seen one large Christmas tree in Zelonograd, the malls and stores are Christmasy as well. I LOVE Christmas. I LOVE to decorate for Christmas. Our little apartment has a few decorations here and there. Two adorable Christmas stockings, a cute little 2 foot tree, some snowmen I brought with me from America, two Father Frosts, a Santa nesting doll set and a Russian nativity set that we bought here. I haven't had a lot of success in finding cute decorations or anything with the nativity but will keep looking.

Today I spent a few minutes decorating our mission office with a little 3 foot tree, and a few other little decorations and maybe will decorate a little more tomorrow.

Our office elders, who go on mail run once a week have looked like Santa Claus the last couple of weeks, bringing to the office 24 packages last week and 22 packages today. I think that with families wanting to send a little Christmas cheer, the packages will continue to come throughout the month and into January (for the packages which are sure to be late).

How fun it was today to receive two packages. One from our condo family and one from a young woman that I have watched grow up and is now preparing to get married. Thank to our wonderful condo family for the wonderful treats. Samantha's package will be brought home tomorrow night.

We received our first Christmas card today, from our condo family.

We are looking forward to experiencing a Russian Christmas. We will share details as time goes on. Until then, dosvidonya.

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