Saturday, November 17, 2012

Apartment Inspection

One of our responsibilities as a senior couple is to inspect the apartments of our young missionaries. Today we went to Zelonogradand checked the first one. Elder A. is going military and the apartment, though a bit dingy was clean and tidy. We told them to buy 2 new kitchen chairs and 2 "study" chairs, one new mattress and a new vacuum to replace their broken one. The apartment is in a good location. Our sister missionaries in Z-grad are in the process of being moved to a different apartment. We learned of a mold problem, a broken refridgerator that the owner refused to replace or fix and UGH! cockroaches. We have Constantine, a member of the church who is a realtor, looking for a new apartment for the sisters. We don't want our missionaries living in dangerous (mold) and dirty (cockroaches) conditions.
As I was going through some old cookbooks that I found among some articles left behind by some of our missionaries, it was interesting seeing the recipes. One of the recipes was cockroach bait. GROSS. We don't want our missionaries to have to deal with that!
The way landlords view their apartments is definitely different than in the states. For one thing, it is not uncommon for them to leave things behind; sometimes LOTS of stuff that they don't want to take and it takes up a lot of room in the closets, etc. Plus, sometimes the landlords decide they want to be paid early. (that doesn't happen. - because the missionaries need to wait until their cards are funded with the rent before they can pay for it in cash) so the landlords have to wait.
Anyway, next week will inspect the second apartment. I wonder what we will find??

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