Monday, February 20, 2012

Ten day countdown!

In ten days we will be on a plane headed for Salt Lake City UT. We will have the blessing of spending a few days with our daughter Shauna, son-in-law Jeff and grandson Kyler before we enter the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on Monday March 5.

The time is going by too fast! I feel like I am in a dream and haven't woken up yet. There are signs everywhere. Packed suitcases cluttering the family room, empty closets, empty cupboards and an almost empty refridgerator.

Our to-do list is getting smaller. Absentee ballot for presidential election. Check. We keep thinking, is there anything we have missed? Is everything ready for Elaine? How are we doing with our Russian? Are we going to know enough?

Friends and family have been so wonderful and supportive. We received a lovely book on Russian art to look through from Fitzie, journals and travel info from a trip to Russia from Lynn Manning, beautiful Russian music from the Chatfields, an article on Russia from Tony and Mary Pat, a book on the Church in Russia from the Oparowskis, counsel and advice from friends who have served missions...the list goes on. Thank you to all of you!

We have been trying to spend as much time with all of you as possible. Hugs at church with our church family, kids and grandchildren, dear friends. We do appreciate you and will miss you.

I kind of feel like I did when we went ziplining for the first time in the Berkshires a few months ago. You just let go and you're off! Flying along, sometimes facing back (because I couldn't figure out how to go forward) and sometimes facing forward. What a thrill!

Our mission will be hard work and the time will fly by just as we did on that zipline. At the end of our journey I am anticipating that we will have grown spiritually and physically.

Our dear friends the Chatfields who served a mission in Albania have shared with us that our mission will be the happiest 18 months of our marriage. We are looking forward to this wonderful journey. We are glad you are joining us.

As we did when we went ziplining, we are going to hold on, jump off and enjoy the ride!

Dos vidonya.

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