Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Who IS that??

Upon coming to Russia I have given up cute shoes and settled for flats because I am walking so much. I don't wear the jewelry that I love either with the exception of earrings and a bracelet now and then.  I have been wearing warm tights since October.  My legs haven't seen the light of day in weeks I have new boots that are very cozy. They are very sensible and warm and fur-lined. I see a lot of these young Russian women, dressed smartly in their fur coat and high heeled boots. How do they walk in those on snow let alone on flat dry surfaces?
Today before I left for the office we checked the weather. I donned earmuffs with a hat pulled over it. My head looked huge and distorted. Scarf, glove liners, gloves, winter coat from LL Bean that goes almost to the ground. Yep, a REAL fashion statement.
I saw a reflection of myself in the mirror. Who IS that?  Well, at least I'm warm. :). With the icy winds blowing I have given up fashion for warmth. Chances are good, that if I do fall, I won't feel it, I'm so bundled up. Dos vidonya

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