Tuesday, December 11, 2012

another day at the office

The Service Center called yesterday and told us that our old computers were being replaced with new ones. Now, we have called many times to the Service Center to come and fix a printer, a copier, or this or that, and there wasn't a timely response. Well they were here within an hour and basically turned our day and office upside down. Neither Dave or I had access to our computers for most of the day which is NOT good, especially with no warning.
Then today, I am trying to figure out how th enew computer works and the most important feature on ther efor me, the M drive isn't working. I had to find other things to do. I think it's working now. We will see when we return to the office on Friday (after our 2 day conference for the senior couples. tomorrow and Thursday.) It will be SO fun seeing everyone!!

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