Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rude bus drivers

We had our first dinner invitation to the home of a Russian couple this past week. Kirill and Katya, a young married couple are members of the Church in Moscow, have been having different missionary companionships in their home for dinner and this past week was our turn. They are a lovely couple who work at the Service Center in Moscow. They live in a tiny apartment near the Service Center  which is owned by the Church and well utilized by our mission.
Kirill is the man Dave goes to with financial questions. He is Dave's first point of contact. He is a church accountant. He came to the office a few times to help orient Dave in his responsibilities.
They are expecting their first baby in a couple of weeks.
The neighborhood they live in is one of the loveliest I have seen.

Getting there was a bit tricky because we had to take a matrushka instead of a bus. We had to depend on the kindness of other passengers to let us know when we were supposted to get off, because we were totally unfamiliar with the area. We made it!

However, on the way home, Kirill and Katya walked us to the bus stop, a lovely walk in a nice neighborhood. It could have been any small town in America. We were familiar with the road we were on, but when we got up and pushed the button for the bus driver to let us off, he didn't stop. We were let off with the other passengers at the next stop which was  following an area of construction. It was REALLY fun walking back to our apartment on a busy road where there was no sidewalk (due to the construction)

I'm not sure what the bus driver's problem was, but it was NOT amusing.

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