Tuesday, October 23, 2012

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I have a favor to ask.

It is almost November and Christmas is right around the corner. I LOVE Christmas. I love decorating for Christmas, I love the music of Christmas, I love the smells of baking.  I love everything about it.
This year I will miss Christmas cookie baking with my granddaughter Abby. I look forward to resuming that next year! We can each wear our new Russian aprons that I will be bringing to the States from Russia! I will miss not decorating very much (even though we do have a few little things to decorate our apartment.)

I have a favor to ask our family and friends concerning Christmas this year as we spend it in Moscow. I would love if you would send us Christmas cards that we can use to decorate our apartment. We do have a few little things here, but Christmas cards would really add to the cheer and atmosphere of our living room. PLUS hearing from you would be so wonderful.

I am going to give you two addresses which can be used to send Christmas cards if you feel so inclined.
David and Barbara Sutton
Muravskaya St. Bldg #1, floor 3
Moscow Russia 125310
 (the above is our physical address at the mission office)
\or \

David and Barbara Sutton
Russia Moscow Mission
Glavpochtampt a/ia 257
Moscow 101000
(this is our post office box) the office elders pick this up at the post office on mail run day)
Both are good addresses.

We will post more about Christmas in Russia closer to the holiday. Things are different here in many ways! and we are looking forward to eaxperiencing Christmas in Russia.
However, family and friends continue to be most important, regardless of miles that separate us.

I know you are all busy, but please consider sending us a card or a note this Christmas season. We love you. We think of you and we pray for you. Because we are so busy, especially now  that our workload has increased due to our much larger mission, we probably don't take the time to tell you how important you are to us. Until next time, dos vidonya.

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