Monday, September 9, 2013

Our Russian Friends and Missionaries

We have quite a few pictures of our "Russian family" that we want to share with you.
                                    Barb with our landlady, Jane
                          A Russian Couple in our ward in Zelenograd
                             Barb and Tyeetzeeya (favorite babushka)
                                         Galia, our music director
                  One of our wonderful Russian couples. He loves the        missionaries and referred to us as his heroes.  
                         One of Dave's friends who speaks good English
                     Jenya, Barb, sister with unknown name, and Luba
                          The Mission Office cleaning lady, Svetlana
                                   Bishop Macholov and his family
                            Members of the Relief Society Presidency
                                 Barb with recent convert, Tatiana
                                   One of our friendly ward members
                              Member of the Bishopric and his family
                      Dave with brother serving in the Young Men's Program
                                              Yuli and Katia
                     Barb and Anya, Church Education System secretary
                             Missionaries serving in Zelenograd Ward
  Luba, Registration Clerk, Barb, and Diana, Visa Clerk, in Mission Office

Some of our wonderful missionaries serving in the Russia Moscow Mission:
     Elder Bradford, also known as "Buff Man." One of our Office Elders.
                      Barb with Elder Bradford, one of our Office Elders
                       Dave and Barb with Elder Ricks, an Office Elder
                            Saying good-bye to Elder Dillon Richens

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