Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's fun and interesting seeing the different reactions to people when they look at your name tag. Sometimes they are very discreet and look away when you make eye contact with them. Sometimes they will smile. It is easy to see that they were just curious and once they read the tag, they go back to what they were doing.
Last week on the bus, a man was standing with a couple of women and he was trying to read Dave's missionary tag, but couldn't quite see it. So he moved up close to him, looked at it and went back and reported what he saw.
A couple of days ago, on the metro Elder Naegle was sitting with his eyes closed and his nam ag was partially obstructed by his collar. There was a  young man in his early twenties who tried to read it. Elder Naegle opened his eyes and noticed him looking at the tag and he smiled at him. This encourged this young man to walk over to  Elder Naegle and lifted up his collar to get a better look at the tag. At this point, Elder Naegle stood up and tried to converse with him. He was interested in learning more and Elder Naegle wrote down the website of the church website for him. ( A seat became free next to Elder Sutton so he sat down next to him and immediately using his ipod started looking up the website. A phone number was given to him so he could call the missionaries if he wanted to.
I have noticed many times the friendly interchanges between the missionaries and people they meet on the metro. Many of these meetings are with the younger people.

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