Sunday, August 26, 2012

Church in Zelonograd

Today was a good day at Church. It is still a bit frustrating not to be able to understand what is being said. Dave sings the hymns in Russian very well as long as it is a slow tempo and gives him time to read the words. I carry my little pocket-sized hymn book and sing the song in English.

Relief Society was especially rewarding today. Natasha sat next to me again and offered to fill me in on the lesson. The lesson was on the parable from the New Testament on the master and the vineyard and the men being hired at different times of the day and ending up getting paid the same. The ones who had worked only an hour getting paid the same as those who had been there all day. It was nice to be able to follow along with the gist of the lesson. And it was REALLY neat when Natasha shared a comment by a sister in the back. Her comment was not something I had ever thought of before. I was thrilled that not only was I able to enjoy Relief Society today, but to learn something I didn't know and look at it with a fresh perspective. IMAGINE. Learning something new in a Russian Relief Society!

Primary children, 10 of them, came in at the end of the lesson and sang a familiar Primary song. I loved hearing their sweet voices and seeing them act out the song just as the little ones did in our Primary back home. (You may be familiar with it too. - The wise man built his house upon the rock)

AND, perhaps best of all.....There is a woman named Lubov (pronounced Luba) who I have been trying for weeks to "get through to." Today it happened.  YAY. She smiled and responded to me. I'm pleased to have broken yet another barrier. She is the daughter of the little babushka Maria that I love and look forward to seeing every week.

This next week looks like it is going to be extra busy. Until next time, dos vidonya.

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