Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another week of "firsts" for us in our mission

Last week was another week of "firsts" for us. We attended our first Zone Conference, which involved half of the mission. (the first half had met the week earlier) We had a chance to meet some of the missionaries that we have had contact with on the phone but had not met in person.

President and Sister Sorenson both instructed and taught, a missionary returning home after his mission bore his testimony and said his goodbyes and a nice lunch was provided by the local Relief Society (women's organization). It was a time for missionaries from other parts of the mission to enjoy each other's company.  The missionaries were sent on their way having been spiritually uplifted.

One set of missionaries that Dave had helped a lot with finances, brought him one of their favorite candy bars to show their appreciation. Barb got some hugs from some of the sister missionaries. We both enjoyed spending time with some of the senior couples and getting to know them better.

The next "first" was the arrival of a group of missionaries from the U.S., 2 elders and 2 sisters. One of our responsibilities is to help in their orientation. Barb had met one of the young sisters briefly in the MTC and had been looking forward to seeing her here. They are fine young men and women and we anticipate becoming very close to them as we work with them in the coming months.

The third "first" was transfers. Transfers take place every 6 weeks and involves the assignment of new missionaries to their new geographic area and the transfer of some current missionaries to a new geographic area. The missionaries  spend time in different areas w/ different companions throughout their mission.

Last week was very busy indeed as we greeted these 4 missionaries. Also,there was the arrival of 7 new missionaries to the Russia Moscow West Mission the following day.  (we all work in the same building). It was a very busy, chaotic (in a good way) time as our office was literally wall-to-wall missionaries.

Our first month of service in the Russia Moscow Mission is over. We continue to learn our responsibilities, we love the missionaries that we work with and our wonderful mission president and his wife. We are starting to feel more comfortable here and continue to have many new experiences and opportunities. Until next week, dos vidonya.

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