Sunday, March 18, 2012


1.  Hear different languages all around you as missionaries practice their new language of the country where they will be serving? (young missionaries are in the MTC for 12 weeks to learn the language. Senior couples have the chance to Skype with a tutor before coming to the MTC and continuing for 12 more hours of intense language training.)

Dave, Barb and Carson Monson (our Russian tutor)

2. See missionaries from all over the world? Different shapes, sizes, colors, nationalities. young and older (19 to 80 ish) There are missionaries in wheelchairs and others who are physically handicapped who will be involved in computer training, family history and other responsibilities. There is something for everyone!

3. Walk in the cafeteria on Sunday morning and see mounds of bananas stacked up about a foot high for hungry missionaries?

4. Meet missionaries who are  going all over the world (from Denver CO to Croatia, from CA to the Marshall Islands, from Minnesota to Russia?) who are being called to all different assignments? We've met missionaries who are going to be responsible for gardens, maintenance, lawn mowing, singing and dancing in Church productions, secretarial work in the mission office, leadership where the missionary couples help strengthen the Church in congregations throughout the world, driving a horse team where visitors sit in wagons and get a tour of different church historical sites (such as Nauvoo), work in Visitors Centers, or serve in the 134 temples which are in operation throughout the world?) And don't forget the humanitarian missions. There are doctors and dentists called to serve in their area of expertise in poor countries, others who make sure there are wheelchairs or clean water, where hygiene kits are passed out and mothers are taught about child care. The list is endless and the kind of missions so varied.

5.  Find a cafeteria that can feed over 2000 missionaries Papa John's pizza every Friday night? Any guesses on how many boxes needed to take care of such a large group? 900 maybe?

6.  Make lifelong friends in two weeks time?

7. See missionaries in their Sunday best every day (except for the P-day. Every missionary has a p-day to rest, exercise, grocery shop, laundry, etc) who are happy and well groomed and anxious to spread the gospel throughout the world? And guess what? They have paid for this experience out of their own pockets.
Dave and Barb (Elder and Sister Sutton) in front
of the Provo Temple on our P-day.

                                                      OFF TO RUSSIA WE GO

Here we are in front of the world map pointing to Moscow
                                                      where we will be serving for 18 months

Tomorrow morning at 5 am a shuttle will pick us and another couple headed for Russia (different mission) and take us to the airport. After arriving in JFK, we will travel 9 1/2 hours to Russia. We will be met there by the mission president and his wife and our Russian journey will truly begin!

                                                        Here is a close-up of our missionary
                                              name tags. Dave's is on the top. (Starayshena Sutton)
                                                   Barb's is Seehstra Sutton. Starayshena means Elder.

                                                               DOS VIDONYA!


  1. I loved the MTC too! So excited for your adventures ahead! It must be nice to head out together. I remember feeling so nervous to leave the country and go on my mission. Of course, all was fine. Safe travels! Can't wait to hear about your first days in Russia.

    Judi :)

  2. Be safe and have a fabulous mission! Thanks for sharing so much with us!! Looking forward to hearing more....Love you guys!